Text by Pavlina Paraskevaidou
Photographs by Nicos Louca, Dimitris Tsoumplekas
Designed by This is Amateur
Edited by Maria Stathi

297 x 210 mm
32 pages / hard cover
500 copies / english edition
ISBN: 978-618-80384-0-0 (2012)
Price: 15 €

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Savvas Christodoulides
Things Contemplated and Reassigned


Things Contemplated and Reasigned

Savvas Christodoulides deals with reconstructing an ideological lapse and creating new relationships in time and space. His sculptures consist of used and discarded everyday objects, that are assembled and re-collected in a new alignment. Objects are in-essentialised, extracting their established memories and forms. His works emit nostalgia and contemplation and create what the artists calls “memorial grid”: a complex of objects and opinions.

The book Things Contemplated and Reassigned contains photographs of the artist’s works and of their installation. It was published on the occasion of Savvas Christodoulides’ exhibition at the Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center, in October 2012.

Cube Art Editions have also published Savvas Christodoulides's book:
Works and Days of Hands, 2012