Texts Cecile Inglessis Margellos
Translation Katerina Angelaki-Rooke
Editing Eleni Saroglou
Design Studio Christos Lialios

220 x 200 mm
38 colour images / 96 pages
hard cover / paperbound / full colour
500 copies
bilingual edition (greek-english)
ISBN: 978-618-81511-1-6 (2016)
Price: 25 €

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Ioanna Ralli
Dreams and Symbols


In her new series Ioanna Ralli exhibits photographic impressions of the humble and the familiar. She has constructed small sculptures out of simple materials (string, thread, aluminum foil, paper molded with glue, wire, knitting wool, dry branches). Small creatures, simple people, scenes of everyday life, dressed in precious colours and fabrics are bathed in light and shadow and captured through the lens of an old 6x6 Hasselblad.

Cube Art Editions have published Ioanna Ralli’s following books:
Cosmomorphy, in 2021
Still Life, in 2011
Archetypes of the Feminine, in 2008