Concept by Hilde Aagaard
Foreward by Sharon Kivland
Edited and design by Eleni Saroglou

210 x 165 mm
colour / 52 pages / soft cover
1000 copies / english edition
ISBN: 960-87354-4-0 (2003)
Price: 10 €

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Hilde Aagaard


Hilde Aagaard’s Homecoming explores the contemporary perception of HomeComing, "home" being viewed as a place or an idea. Hilde Aagaard's idea resulted to a selection of essays and images by thirty three participants-homecomers, coming from different places, different times and different cultural backgrounds. Artists, authors, poets, performers, children, architects, educators, a composer,a curator, a psychiatrist, a nun, a nurse, a theatre director and a librarian shared their homecomings, making their own contribution to the book.

The term home is used with multiple meanings: homeland, warmth, resort, death, return; the return to one's self, resulting to a new beginning. A highly figurative book, which brings to memory a lot of unspoken and deep thoughts. HomeComing "cultivates" its theme from the experiences of its participants; although not ours, can be easily identifiable to all.

Cube Art Editions have also published Hilde Aagaard’s following book:
Ishavsgast, 2013

For more details on the artist visit her personal website.