Edited by Eleni Saroglou
Design by Christos Lialios
Photographs by Natalia Tsoukalas

270 x 217 mm
colour / 48 pages / soft cover
600 copies / greek edition
ISBN: 978-960-98318-1-9 (2008)
Price: 10 €

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Lea Rousopoulou
Orderly Ordeal


Looking more deeply into the means of Lea Rousopoulou’s work, we find that her artistic course and plastic expression have been based on glass. Her work is part of the wider movement of Studio Glass International that has been enriching materials and techniques of contemporary art since the '70s.

The catalogue was published on the occasion of her exhibition Orderly Ordeal at Skoufa gallery, (Athens - Greece) in June 2008. This book presents sculptures made by the artist with glass, iron and bronze wires.