Texts by Leda Papaconstantinou, Sally Potter, Efi Strousa, Eleni Varopoulou,
Nikos Xydakis.
Edited by Eleni Saroglou
Design by Eleni Saroglou, Danai Koutsi, Dafni Kontargyri

205 x 275 mm
duotone / 120 pages / hard cover
1000 copies / bilingual greek-english
ISBN: 960-87354-7-5 (2005)
Price: 30 €

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Leda Papaconstantinou
Performance, Film, Video 1969-2004


Recognizing the exceptionality and the artistic value of her performances, Cube realized -in 2005- the edition of the book: Leda Papaconstantinou, Performance, Film, Video, 1969-2004. This book is unique, as it is the only edition concerning and recording the overall work of an artist dealing with the arts of performance, film and video.

The book contains 150 b/w-duotone photographs; a description of each work (both in English and in Greek) and also it includes texts written by Sally Potter (film director of Orlando, Tango Lesson, the Man who Cried, Yes and others), Efi Strouza (art historian), Eleni Varopoulou (theater analyst and essayist), Nikos Xydakis (journalist, art historian and editor of Kathimerini newspaper).

She is one of the primary and few artists in Greece who has used performance as an expressive medium during the ’70s and ’80s and her presence is constant and continuous since the late 60’s.

Cube Art Editions have also published Leda Papaconstantinou’s following books:
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YES+NO , 2011
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