Texts by Leda Papaconstantinou
Edited by Eleni Saroglou

220 x 165 mm
24 pages / 14 photos b/w
softcover with jacket in folder
1000 copies / bilingual edition
(greek-english) (2016)
Price: 10 €

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Leda Papaconstantinou
Three Papaconstantinou – Theodore, Litsa, Leda


Leda Papaconstantinou

Leda Papaconstantinou has created a large-scale in situ installation at Fougaro the Gallery, Nafplion in May 2016. The artist interweaved her own works with fragments of her parents’ lives and artifacts, building a personal narrative, shedding light on the relationships, forces and influences that ultimately shaped her too. The work is a unique historical testimony of a family’s life course through the tumultuous 20th century.

This publication is a folder containing part of her parents’ archives in a dust jacket and a photograph of the installation view.

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