Text & editing by Christoforos Marinos

260x190 mm
10 colour images / 56 pages
soft cover with 10 folded pages
300 copies
bilingual edition (greek – english)
ISBN: 978-618-81511-7-8 (2016)
Price: 20 €

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Esthir Lemi
The Tough and the Cute Dancer


Esthir Lemi

The quest is to document in an artist-book a work-in-project that combines image and text. This book describes how a visual artist and composer who spends her free time in dance schools and keeps record of the dancers’ movements keeps reprocessing the same material again and again as technology advances. She learns how to write as she collects and combines ‘writing exercises’ (ètudes), switching between arts, in the same way as one who is led to explain something while ‘lost in translation’ among every possible expression or memory, and ultimately succeeds in developing definitions.