Concept by Maria Konti
Edited by Eleni Saroglou
Design by Christos Lialios

224 x 160 mm
duotone / 188 pages / soft cover
800 copies / greek edition
ISBN: 978-960-98318-6-4 (2009)
Price: 20 €

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Maria Konti


Whatever I have seen I can “somehow” tell; I can write it.
Martyras (n. f./m.): Greek for 1) a witness, someone who has firsthand
knowledge of an event, 2) (Rel.) a martyr, someone tortured and put to death
for their religious beliefs, or other lofty ideals.

Martyria (n. f.): Greek for 1) (Law) testimony, a written or spoken account
offered by a witness, whether under oath or not, relating what they saw
or heard or otherwise came to know about an event under (legal) investigation.

This book is the body of an eye witness: a vertical female body with clean lines running across it and a black cover. Her testimony comprises the following three elements: the title, “nine”, which corresponds to the number of artworks created between 2005 and 2008; a selection of images from the visual archive compiled as a result of the research that accompanies each of the artworks, and, finally, the essays, arranged in chronological order. The source of this testimony is ambivalent, and perhaps so are its intentions. For it lies somewhere between literary experimentation, art theory and autobiographical narrative. As all forms of narrative testimony, it is unable to describe the experience of the “real” event, while vehemently aspiring to compel a reading; that is, a re-interpretation.

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