Text by Maria Konti
Edited by Maria Konti and Eleni Saroglou
Designed by Studio Christos Lialios

297 x 210 mm
pages 64 / softcover
300 copies / greek edition
ISBN: 978-618-80384-3-1 (2013)
Price: 15 €

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Maria Konti


Maria Konti - Not

“Not” is Maria Konti’s second book. It is about visual stories that are presented in the form of a book, relating to the idea of escapism, in a literal or fantastic flight. Three persons realise the escapes in the book. First is the writer/artist herself using an art proposal for an unfeasable journey/ artwork in the north of Europe. As for the other two persons, the magician Harry Houdini and the Douccess of Plakentia – who appears in the book with her actual name, Sophie de Marbois Lebrun – Konti searched and assembled biographies, photographs and in situ research material that she finally assembled in fiction.

In November 2010, while presenting her work “Polis”, she gave away the whole archive (drawings, photographs, texts) assembled during her research, to the viewers/visitors.

Cube Art Editions have also published Maria Konti's book:
Ennea, 2009