Texts by Alexandra Koroxenides,
Christina Petrinou
Edited by Christina Petrinou, Eleni Saroglou
Design by Poppy Alexiou, Christina Petrinou,
Eleni Saroglou, Lizzie Calligas, Nikos Alexiou

185 mm x 215 mm
140 pages / box with two separate books
2000 copies / bilingual greek-english
ISBN 960-87354-6-7 (2005)
Price: 15 €

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Nikos Alexiou and Lizzie Calligas
23rd Biennale of Alexandria 2005


This catalogue was published on the occasion of the 23rd Biennale of Alexandria-Greek participation, to present the work of two Greek distinguished artists Lizzie Calligas and Nikos Alexiou. Aiming at concisely promoting their works, not only for this occasion but also to present a broader archive and to promote Greek art abroad, the catalogue was published by the Greek Ministry of Culture in collaboration with Cube Art Editions.

The catalogue is in a box format containing two separate sections, one for each artist: Nikos Alexiou, Angel rolling up in Heavens and Lizzie Calliga, Swimmers.

Artists of a different generation, both being extremely recognized for their work, exhibited together for the first time. Although their works don’t seem to match, they share a common element: both of them present in their works the idea of immaterial light as material.

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