Designed by Studio Christos Lialios
Edited by Eleni Saroglou

193 x 130 mm
48 pages / 22 photos b/w
soft cover with flaps / 500 copies
english edition
ISBN: 978-618-81511-3-0 (2015)
Price: 8 €

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Nectarios Papanicolaou


Nostalgia - Nectarios Papanicolaou

"Through my lens I come across a world immersed in nostalgia. A world of shapes, form, gestures, and unexpected moments of emotion. Emotion such as calmness, sorrow, melancholy, joy. Little things like the curve of the neck, the gesture of the hand, the sensuality of a bare back, the lightness of the skin, and the eternity of the naked body come together to compose this alluring dream-like world".

Nectarios Papanicolaou was born in South Africa and has lived most of his life in Athens, Greece. In his work, as influenced by Pictorialism, he tends to ‘blur’ reality rather than simply record it. He creates images that softly escape the present, aiming to create and project an emotion into the viewer’s imagination.

This catalogue was published on the occasion of his exhibition Portraits at the Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center (March 2015)