Translation by Marie Labelle
Designed and edited by PANTEBOY

170 x 116 mm
62 pages / 27 drawings
soft cover / 300 copies
bilingual edition (french-greek)
ISBN: 978-618-81511-2-3 (2014)
Price: 10 €

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Denis Lhomme


Denis Lhomme - Pirquetou

Denis Lhomme’s book is a poem-image of 29 drawings that evoques the most sensitive way of seeing life, and the constant resistance to death.

Pirquetou takes up his name from "pire que tout" that means worse than anything. In his poem-image, Pirquetou – a life’s companion – crowned with his thorn, unfolds his philosophy in every page.

The same blue line runs through his texts and images and composes an essential philosophical poem.

Denis Lhomme describes Pirquetou in the following verse:
Pirquetou is not intimidated,
grateful of himself,
he receives the severe without losing his smile,
being naïf and simple, he persists in life with his common sense

Denis Lhomme faced the illness’s persistence for many years and lost his life in August 2014. He was born in France and lived and worked in Greece since 1995.

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