Editor-in-Chief, Founding Director: Marina Fokidis
Guest Editors: Pip Day, Marcelo Rezende
Contributors: Alphabet Collection, Andrea Ancira, Pierre Bal-Blanc, Bamako Encounters 12th edition team, Karen Barad, Sara Lee Burd, Zinaida Chekantseva, Binna Choi, Pip Day, Christian Dunker, Marina Fokidis, Oscar Guardiola-Rivera, Daniel Blanga Gubbay, Maria Hassabi, Jakob Jakobsen, Suzanne Kite, Sarat Maharaj, Natalia Majluf, Maȟpíya Nážiŋ, Olu Oguibe, Sofía Olascoaga, Vijay Prashad, Marcelo Rezende, You Mi, Hema’ny Nancy Molina Vargas, Cecilia Vicuña, Jackie Wang
Design: Studio Lialios Vazoura

300 x 230 mm.
200 pages
poster / soft cover
English edition
ISSN: 2241-3901 (2019)
Price: 15 €

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South as a State of Mind, “Coexistence”
Issue 11, fall/winter 2019

South as a State of Mind was founded in Athens in 2012 in order to face the future amidst bleak prognoses brought on by economic crisis and crypto colonization. During the course of its first five issues it became a gathering place for shared intensities and for a growing affective network. Between 2015 and 2017, it was reconfigured temporarily as the journal of documenta 14 for four special issues.

The new issue #11 on “Coexistence” (part of a tetralogy based on four basic needs: maintenance, coexistence, economy, and cultivation) is now out. Our eleventh issue focuses on the ‘practice’ of coexistence – be it emotional, cultural, geographical, or financial – and other, as-yet-undefined modes of togetherness between living beings. Symbiosis, tolerance, and radical hospitality are some of our wishes for a ‘being in common’.