Design: Christos Lialios
Editor: Eleni Saroglou

170 x 120 mm
376 pages / black & white
hard cover / 350 copies
english edition
December 2009
ISBN: 978-960-98318-8-8
Price: 15 €

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Same Day Same Time Different Moon
Diary 2010


Cube Art Edition's diary 2010, is a limited edition, recycled from a fine pocket diary of 1954. It follows the same information, same dates, but different moon phases. Each page contains the corresponding one, of the old diary, is printed in b/w, with black margins on the sides. At the end, there is a special catalogue of International Days. The diary has a hard cover and a bookmark ribbon.

This diary is part of the Same Day, Same Time, Different Moon - Diary / Wall Calendar 2010, project.