Designed by Christos Lialios & Katerina Vazoura
Edited by Eleni Saroglou

225 x 140 mm
376 pages / soft cover
paperbound / plastic jacket with silkscreen print
english edition / 500 copies
December 2015
Price: 20 €

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Ghost Tropic
Diary 2016


Diary 2016

A diary for 2016 by Christos Lialios and Katerina Vazoura, published by Cube Art Editions, in a limited edition of 500 copies. Three hundred and sixty-five versions of a numbering process that develops through each day of the year.

Diaries are an ongoing project that Christos Lialios has been involved with since 2010. The idea of this series of time storage devices, is to focus on questioning different methods of how we organise our time. Formats, sizes and distribution systems vary each year.