Size: 155x220 mm
Pages: 736
Copies: 400
price: 15 €

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Christos Lialios & Katerina Vazoura
Every Next Day
Diary 2023


Cube Art Editions Diary 2023

A diary that follows the method of degeneration copy from the Xerox Art movement in the 1960s.

Starting with a blank page as day one and then making a copy of the copy until we reach day three hundred and sixty-five. Every next page, carries the traces of the previous ones, and slowly deforms with random and unknown additions, in an attempt to capture the passage of time.

The idea of this project diary was made possible with the support of Dimitris Daritsis and his copy machine, Eleni Saroglou of Cube Art Editions, Kostas Kostopoulos with his fine printing.