Texts and photographs by Alexis Hatzidakis
Designed by Studio Lialios Vazoura

170 Χ 240 mm
384 pages / 38 b/w photographs
Soft cover
600 copies / greek edition
ISBN: 978-618-5204-10-5 (2020)
Price: 20 €

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Alexis Hatzidakis
Aspects of tourism
Eighteen essays on tourism development,
spatial planning and architecture


Alexis Hatzidakis - Aspects of tourism

These essays discuss issues concerning the protection and promotion of traditional settlements and cultural heritage as well as the development dimension of cultural tourism. Space planning for tourism is analyzed as well as the effects of tourism upon space, settlements, architecture and natural environment and also Aris Konstantinidis’ contribution in hotel architecture. Furthermore, Athens as a tourist destination, issues of spatial planning and control of tourism development. Approaches to the relatively recent developments and new issues having emerged both internationally and domestically, such as overtourism, short-term house renting and the iconic but also problematic case of Santorini.