Texts by Christina Petrinou, Maria Kaliabetsou and Ioanna Ralli
Design by Studio Lialios Vazoura
Printed and bound by Kostopoulos Printing SA

size 23,5x34cm
pages: 88 / copies 600
ISBN: 978-618-5204-11-2 2021
Price: 30 €

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Ioanna Ralli


Cosmomorphy - Ioanna Ralli

Large scale squares and parallelograms full of colour and repeated patterns unfold a whole period, an aspect of Ioanna Rallis’s world. They began as a background for her photographs and gradually they broke away as independent works.

In a time of great psychological pressure and sense of entrapment for most people, these works lighten the human soul. Even though they started as a method of reorganization for the artist, in a most difficult period of her life, as a form of exercise, these works ended up as an independent unit of works following their own course. She just had to follow them on their path and keep working. They bring in mind the “Mandalas”, –symmetri¬cal Buddhist designs– works that express harmony and entirety in various spiritual traditions.

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