Designed by this is that
Edited by Eleni Saroglou
Text by Stavros Kavallaris
Translation by Maria Koukiadi

230x170 mm
68 colour illustrations / 96 pages
paperback / 500 copies
bilingual edition (greek – english)
ISBN 978-618-81511-0-9 (2014)
Price: 18 €

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Popi Tsoukatou
People World


Popi Tsoukatou - People World

In this book, Popi Tsoukatou communicates through her photographs the love she cherishes for voyages and for people.

Her images are being transformed into an existence accompanying her own life, along with the others she captures. Without interfering, she manages to narrate a story from their everyday lives as if they were acquaintances, friends and neighbours.

The title of this book, People World, comprising two seemingly simple words, defines Popi Tsoukatou’s attitude to art, to people, and finally to life itself.