Texts by Jean-Cristophe Bechet, Ian De Toffoli, Paulo Lobo, Nikos Zompolas

288 x 216 mm
111 pages / hardcover
bilingual edition (french-english)
600 copies
ISBN: 978-291-9956-21-0 (2019)
Price: 30 €

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Nikos Zompolas
Luxembourg Volume II


zompolas - Luxemburg

The book is a multidisciplinary artistic project that is composed by photographs of Luxembourg and small literary texts. The images in the book go beyond first impressions. The project concerns the society, life and the environment of Luxembourg; contradictions and paradoxes. The French photographer Jean-Christophe Béchet introduces the book, and the Luxembourger writer Ian De Toffoli writes three stories inspired by the photographs of the book.