SEBR Design Studio / 16 pages
210x150 mm / 300 copies
Price: 5 €

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ZOO.OOO is a guide through a unique Museum of Natural History. Snake skeletons, a catprint, seahorses on sale, dangerous polar bears and other dark confessions make up the riddle of the small limited edition by the collaborative duo Extra-Conjugale. The only item of text is an advertisement from a 50’s American magazine, urging us to purchase an entire family of seahorses, with their food and bowl for just $1.99.

The first artist book of the Extra-Conjugale was published on the occasion of their ZOO.OOO exhibition at the Project Space of Six d.o.g.s. and designed by SEBR Design Studio in a limited edition.

The Extra-Conjugale (Irini Karayannopoulou and Sébastien Marteau) began their collaboration in early 2012 and already have many exhibitions and collaborations to their credit (Lustlands, Family Business NY, Frown Tails, 128 kbps UK, Circus 2000 Karlsruhe, Lust Magazine, Deja Vecu, Anamesa, Zino Project).

They apply various mediums and techniques: painting, photography, sound, installation, collage, drawing, film, sculpture. Their activity is characterized by intense readiness to experiment and is inextricably linked with the improvisational approach of the DIY movement. They live and work in Athens.

Cube Art Editions have also published Extra-Conjugale's book:
Monaco, 2018