170 x 100 mm
24 black and white llustrations
48 pages / softback binding
Mead Gallery,University of Warwick
ISBN: 978-0902683914
Price: 9€

Sharon Kivland

This book accompanies the group exhibition Afterwards, curated by the artist and writer Sharon Kivland.

The exhibition explores the concept of ‘Nachträglichkeit’, the term employed by Sigmund Freud to describe the phenomena of ‘deferred action’, where impressions, experiences or memory traces gain significance as a result of re-experiencing the event. It is a term that has been translated as ‘belatedness’, ‘subsequently’, ‘après coup’, and ‘afterwardness’. As a psychoanalytic concept, it has been retroactively constructed.

Through the work of established and younger artists ordinary objects are recast, rupturing a distinction between object and representation.