230 x 145 mm
11 black and white photographs,
tipped-in by hand
32 pages / softback binding
Information as Material
York, September 2006
ISBN: 0955309204
Price: 17€

Sharon Kivland
Freud Dreams of Rome
Volume I, in the series Freud on Holiday

Freud Dreams of Rome explores the longing for Rome which Freud felt as he worked on his seminal project The Interpretation of Dreams. Freud dreamt of visiting Rome four times before actually getting there. The book creates an uncanny atmosphere, as do the images, allowing the reader to take a dérive through Freud’s imagination. The images - introduced as ‘Freud’s holiday photographs of Rome’ - are rather strange. They show no people. They are oddly cropped. They reveal only impasses, dark courtyards, angles of buildings.