12 A6 pages
Domobaal Editions
London, 2004
ISBN: 0954459032
Price: 4€

Sharon Kivland

This book was bublished on the occasion of the project of the same title at The Bartlett School of Architecture, University College, London.

Twelve phrases run in a continuous line through the book. The phrases are in a pale rose/flesh pink – actually the colour of Chanel’s packaging for their scent ‘Allure’ – and are descriptions of scents taken from the in-flight magazines distributed on airlines. Each has been altered every slightly so rather than describing a scent, they appear to be a woman describing herself – a vain, crazy woman, ‘folle de son corps’. The title has two meanings: in English, it means the possession of a certain style or aplomb, while in French, it more usually means the faculty of discerning an odour or an aptitude for intuition or perspicacity. Very few copies remaining.