Edited by Eleni Saroglou
Designed Kyrillos Sarris, George Hadjimichalis

270x195 mm
410 pages / indigo digital printing / soft cover
50 copies numbered and signed by the artists
ISBN: 978-618-80384-1-7 (2012)
Price: 90 €

Artist's Books

Kyrillos Sarris & George Hadjimichalis
Correspondence 2007-2011


Kyrillos Sarris - George Hadjimichalis
Correspondence 2007-2011

The Correspondence 2007–2011 is the discourse, the exchange of thoughts, but with pictures instead of script, between Kyrillos Sarris and George Hadjimichalis. The images therein, are drawn forth from remembrances, everyday life and the history of art, their po¬tency enhanced through acquiring the dimension of “language.” The binding principle of this correspondence was to not discuss the contents of a reply prior to sending a response. At a time when the plethoric use of the image blinds us, the gaps, the evocations and the digressions of this dialogue in letter form, uplift the images from their state of inertia and, with the new significance they acquire as “correspondence texts”, form them into a single and cohesive work of art, which, as such, becomes public domain.

The correspondence, which follows the typical course of writing letters (envelope, postage-stamp, mailbox), began in January 2007 and ended in November 2011. Part of it (167 letters) was exhibited in April 2010 at the Institute of Contemporary Greek Art (ISET).